MEPs ignore economic reality

George Lyon, Liberal Democrat MEP for Scotland, has voted against the proposed increase in the European Parliament’s budget arguing that MEPs should share more of the burden faced by citizens across the EU.

George Lyon MEPGeorge Lyon MEPWhile the Eurozone is in crisis and people in Britain as well as other Member States are worried about job security, Mr Lyon said that it was irresponsible to increase the budget by 4% this year.

Commenting after the vote, Mr Lyon said:

“The European Parliament cannot be immune to the effects of the current economic climate. MEPs must shoulder some of the burden faced by those we represent. I only wish that more of my colleagues felt the same

“I believe that MEPs should have taken steps to reduce the Parliament’s economic footprint.

“We could have shown real leadership by supporting a freeze on MEPs allowances, including the daily allowance, and cutting travel costs, especially the use of business class flights but instead we chose to ignore economic reality

“These are examples of things that do not impact on the quality of MEPs’ work but some MEPs seem determined to keep their perks at any price.

“MEPs have missed an opportunity to show solidarity with people across Europe and it is something I deeply regret.”